EQ7 Projects and My Library files

If you get a new computer, you’ll want get the files from EQ7 (old computer) and put them on EQ7 (new computer) so you don’t lose your old projects and library files. You can do this whether you still have EQ7 activated or installed on your old computer or not. Here’s how:

On your old computer

  1. Click START > (My) Computer > (My) Documents. (On a Mac just go to Documents.)
  2. Select the My EQ7 folder.
  3. Use CTRL+C (Command+C on Mac) to copy it.
  4. Navigate to your CD or USB drive.
  5. Use CTRL+V (Command+C on Mac) to paste it onto the blank CD or thumb drive.

On your new Windows computer

  1. Put the CD or thumb drive you copied the My EQ7 folder onto into your computer.
  2. Click START > (My) Computer (in Win 8 or 10 use Windows key + E to bring up Computer) > go to the drive that you inserted the CD or thumb drive into. Right-click it and choose Open so you see the My EQ7 folder.
  3. Use CTRL+ C to copy the folder.
  4. Navigate to: My Documents. You will see a My EQ7 folder already there. This is correct. You are going to paste the old “full” My EQ7 folder, replacing the new “empty” My EQ7 folder.
  5. Use CTRL+V to paste the copied folder. You will be asked if you want to replace. Say yes.
    Now all EQ7 projects and My Library files from your old computer will be in EQ7 on your new computer.

If your new computer is a Mac

Put the copied My EQ7 folder in Documents, replacing the “empty” My EQ7 folder with the old “full” folder.