Error code 5013 means you’ve exceeded the number of activations allowed on your EQ software license key. EQ software including EQ7, EQ Mini, EQStich, BlockBase+ and EQ8 can be installed an unlimited number of times, but only 2 computers can be activated at one time. You can “turn on” and “turn off” activations to choose which computers you want to work on.

  • Deactivate EQ7 or EQStitch
  • EQ Mini, choose Help > Deactivate This Computer.
  • EQ8, choose Help > Deactivate EQ8 on This Computer.
  • BlockBase+, choose File > Deactivate BlockBase+.

Or, if you need to deactivate a computer you no longer have access to, use the form below.
Please note: This form does NOT apply to EQ6. If you need help activating EQ6 please contact us.

Deactivate Your License

Please fill out the form below to completely deactivate your license. This will deactivate all computers on your license, including those to which you no longer have access. This does not uninstall your software or remove any EQ files from any of your computers. It simply deactivates (turns off) your license so you may reactivate on a different computer.