A “Wine error” can be caused by a corrupt or incomplete application installation. Please try uninstalling and reinstalling.

However if you are only getting the Wine error when you are trying to import an image it may be because the image is too large or corrupt.

  • We recommend all images imported into EQ8 are 72 dpi and approximately 7″ x  7″. If your images are larger than this please resize them.
  • To see if an image may be corrupt try importing it to the Image Worktable. There is hidden meta data in images that the Image Worktable will remove, but importing through the libraries will not.
  • Also, be sure to check your files for any special characters. The following characters cannot be used in filenames:

< (less than)

> (greater than)

: (colon)

” (double quote)

/ (forward slash)

\ (backslash)

| (vertical bar or pipe)

? (question mark)

* (asterisk)