Printing multiple small foundations on the same page

If you have a one-unit foundation pattern, and you would like to print a whole sheet of of this one pattern printed small, you can do it. This is what the “Print as many as fit” option lets you do. It will print as many foundations as can fit on a sheet of paper.

Printing the same foundation many times on one page

  1. Select the block on the quilt on the Quilt worktable, or edit the block from the Sketchbook to the Block worktable.
  2. Click FILE > Print > Foundation.
  3. Click the Options tab.
  4. Type in a small size, such as 2″ or 3″.
  5. Under Options, choose “Print as many as fit”. (You can choose other desired options as well.)
  6. Click Preview. You will see a sheet full of small foundations.
  7. Click Print.


  • Remember to uncheck “Print as many as fit” unless you specifically want this option. When this option is selected you will not able able to use the Move or Delete buttons on the Print Preview.
  • The Print Block options also include Print as many as fit. Choose this to create a small page of repeated blocks to use as gift tags.