Tip 1: Get to know the mode

There are 3 modes you can be in when using the text tool.

Tip 2: Pick a suitable font

Not all the fonts on your computer will be ideal for creating embroidery or machine applique designs.

Text that works best will be thick and heavy looking ones like, Arial Black, Gill Sans Ultra Bold, Rockwell Extra Bold, and so on.


Each letter becomes a patch with fill and outline. Narrower fonts won’t be able to accommodate a wide steil stitch around it. Narrow fonts will work best with either fill or outline but not both.

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Tip 3: Make the text box large and use hard returns

When you drag a text box, make it the entire size of the hoop. We recommend that you make your text boxes the size of the hoop or even a bit bigger. Once the text is converted to patches, the text box is gone so the size of the original box is not a concern.

It’s not necessary to fine-tune size and position the letters using the Text tool. The letters can easily be resized and moved after they have been converted to patches.

Word wrap may change when you convert to patches so we recommend that you use hard returns when you type instead of relying on the word wrap. Also make sure that there is plenty of space on the right side of the text box. Letters shift to the right a bit during *convert to patch* and letters can be lost if the box is not wide enough.

Tip 4: Resize and position after converting to a patch

Once you’ve converted the text to patches, you can select each letter separately or all the text at once and resize, and reposition. When selecting letters, it’s important to drag a marquee box around the entire letter that you want to select. Since the letter may be made up multiple curves, like the letter b, which is made up of the outer outline and the circle center of the b, clicking on the edge of this letter would not include the center of the b.

With text selected, right click to display the context menu and click Resize. This allows you to resize proportionally.

With text selected, position the mouse cursor over the center crosshair and press and hold the left mouse as you drag the letters to the desired position.

Tip 5: Change the default setting before going to the stitch tab

Changing the settings Embroidery Edge and Embroidery Fill in the Drawing Board and Hoop Setup box means that newly drawn objects will have the settings you’ve set in this box.

When creating text, you will find this to be a real time-saver for you. If you have not visited the Stitch tab, you can make changes to these settings before or after you’ve typed your text. It’s just important that you make the changed before clicking the Stitch tab.