Our Goal for This Edition

Barbara Brackman’s intention for her Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns was to put a name with every quilt block. It was all about providing identification for patterns.

In this version of BlockBase+, our mission was to include every pattern from Brackman’s Encyclopedia in BlockBase+. Drawing the patterns from the first three categories turned out to be a challenge. Category 1 includes patterns that are single patches repeated to create the overall design. Categories 2 and 3 include plain and pieced triangles, diamonds, hexagons and other irregular shapes repeated to create the pattern.

The Outcome

Every block from the Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns is included in BlockBase+ and drawn using EQ8. Trying to draw the exact orientation and size on a scale to represent Brackman’s hand-drawn images proved to be difficult at times. The patterns are as close a representation to the blocks from Brackman’s Second Edition Encyclopedia as we could design.

As a result, we recommend that patterns in these categories be used for block identification purposes only.

  • 01 One Patch
  • 02 Non-Square Blocks
  • 03 Multi-Patch

Blocks in these categories may not print at the size expected. This is because these patterns may not totally fill the Default block size in the print dialogs. The patterns provided for these blocks can still be printed. Please be aware of the size discrepancies when printing. Use the 1″ scale square available in Print Preview to help you determine the size

block size

If you own EQ8 Quilt Design software, you can edit these blocks to the Block worktable and make changes to them as you see fit.

Because of the irregular shape of many of the blocks in the first three categories, they will not set into an EQ8 quilt layout without leaving holes in the quilt design.