When drawing an Applique Block, you need to draw a background patch. Without a background patch, the block becomes a motif. When you choose Applique Block, EQ will automatically draw a plain background patch for you on the PolyDraw tab of the drawing board. If you would prefer that the background be pieced, that’s no problem. Choose from these options to best fit the type of block you are drawing:

NEW BLOCK > Applique Block: On the PolyDraw tab, use the PolyDraw tools to draw a pieced background. Use the Applique tab to add your applique patches. (This option is the same as choosing NEW BLOCK > PolyDraw + Applique.)

NEW BLOCK > Applique Block: Completely ignore the PolyDraw tab and draw on the Applique tab. EQ will add a plain background patch behind the applique.

NEW BLOCK > EasyDraw + Applique: On the EasyDraw tab, use the EasyDraw tools to draw a pieced background. Use the Applique tab to add your applique patches.

NEW BLOCK > Applique Motif: No background patch is created. These blocks will float on top of the quilt on Layer 2.

Let EQ Draw the Patch for You

Click NEW BLOCK > Applique > Block. You’ll have an empty drawing board on the PolyDraw layer and the Applique layer. Click the COLOR tab. EQ will automatically draw the background patch for you. It will be on the PolyDraw Layer. Since you had chosen Applique Block, it’s necessary for the drawing to have this background patch, so EQ does it for you. If you had chosen Applique Motif, no background patch is required.

You can return to the Applique layer and finish drawing your block.

Once the background patch is drawn, it may be difficult to draw on the Appliqué layer because you can no longer see the snap points or grid dots. To make drawing with a background patch easier, do one of the following:

  • Turn off Auto fill in the Precision Bar so the closed patches no longer fill with the cream color.
  • Use the Layer Icons (eye icons) to turn on and off the visibility of the layers.
  • Go back to the PolyDraw tab and delete the background patch until you are finished drawing on the Applique layer.