How do I add shades and tints of color?

If you want more shades or tints of a certain color, you can add them to your EQ7 palette.

  1. From Layer 1 of the Quilt worktable or the Color tab of the Block worktable, click the Paintbrush tool.
  2. Inside the Fabrics and Colors palette, click the Colors tab. Click a color you want shades and tints for, then right-click and choose Add Shades & Tints. (See the note below if you want to insert or remove colors at this point.)
  3. Click Add to Sketchbook. The newly added colors will appear behind the other colors in the palette.

You can add or subtract color chips before you add them to your Sketchbook.

  • To insert a new color, click the swatch you want to insert in front of and click the Insert button.
  • To remove a color, click the swatch and click the Remove button.
  • Now click Add to Sketchbook.