If you received a temporary download link (via email) from The Electric Quilt Company for installing EQ7, you’ll want to back up the file that you downloaded so you can install again at a later date.

This requires a blank USB flash drive (or some kind of external drive) with at least 800 MB free space.

Downloading the File

Click the link in the email to start the download. This may take some time, so please be patient. Once finished, find the file in your Downloads folder. You’ll know it’s a complete download if the file size is around what’s listed below.

  • EQ7 Windows: EQ7 Download Setup.exe – 541 MB
  • EQ7 Mac: Electric_Quilt_7.dmg – 769 MB
  • EQ7 Upgrade (Windows): EQ7 Upgrade CD.exe – 494 MB


Copying the EQ7 file to a USB thumb drive

  1. In your Downloads folder, find and select the downloaded file.
  2. Copy the file by pressing CTRL+C on your keyboard (Command+C for Mac).
  3. Insert your USB into your computer.
  4. Press the Windows Key on your keyboard, and the letter E. (Windows Key+E) to bring up a File Explorer window.
  5. Find the USB drive in the File Explorer Windows. Double-click to open it.
  6. Press CTRL+V (Command+V for Mac) on your keyboard to paste the copied file onto the USB.

You now have a backup of the installation in case you need to reinstall in the future.