Block Size

Block size is remembered in EQ7

  • The size you draw a block (right down to 3 decimal places) will be the size you get back when you edit the block.
  • This will also be the size you see when you drag and drop the block onto the quilt.
  • If you want rectangular blocks to appear rectangular in the Sketchbook (rather than square), download and install the free EQ7 Update.
  • EQ always works in finished sizes. Seam allowance is automatically generated for patterns.
  • The block size for a motif is the dotted outline around the motif, in which the motif was drawn.


EQ6 blocks from the library work the same way

But for older blocks, drawn with earlier versions of EQ, like Sew Precises, Judy Martin, Sue Spargo, Karen Stone, etc, when you drag and drop these blocks to the quilt worktable, they will be 6 x 6 since there is no size in the block. When you edit one of these blocks to the block worktable it will be whatever the worktable has set up there already. If you change the size of the block after you edit, you’ll need to make some change (draw something) to get that block saved as a new block with the new size.