Why can’t I scroll through the fabrics and colors in the palette?

If you see the color palette, but can’t scroll through fabrics and colors in the palette, it’s because your palette is too large for your screen. You need to either move your palette up or resize it. That will ensure you are seeing the entire palette, including the bottom scroll bar.

Moving the palette

  1. Point to the blue band, labeled “Sketchbook Fabrics and Colors,” at the palette’s top.
  2. Hold down the left mouse button and drag up. The palette will move as you drag. Keep dragging until you see the whole palette. If the palette is still too big for your screen, resize it to make it smaller.

Resizing the palette

  1. Point to a corner of the palette until your mouse cursor changes to a double-arrow.
  2. Drag diagonally inward. The palette will resize as you drag. (You can also drag from the side, top or bottom to resize.)
  3. Once you see the scroll bar, point to the square on the bar, then hold down your left mouse button while dragging to move your view. OR, you can also click the small black left and right-pointing arrows on the scroll bar’s either end.