Applique Motifs use the same tools and features as Applique Blocks. With the motifs, however, you are drawing your block without a background patch. This gives the effect of the block floating on your quilt. Designs drawn using the Applique Motifs tools should be set on Layers 2 or 3 on the Quilt Worktable.

  1. Click NEW BLOCK > Applique, then choose Motif. For motifs, there are no worktable layer tabs at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Design your motif like you would an Applique Block.
  3. When you click Add to Project Sketchbook, your design will be added to either the Motifs or Stencils tab in your Sketchbook.

    • If there is at least one or more closed patches in the drawing, the design will be added to the Motifs tab to be used on Layer 2 of the quilt.
    • If the design is made up of ONLY open curves or line segments, instead of closed patches, the design will be added to the Stencils tab to be used on Layer 3 of the quilt.