Updated October 15, 2019

Apple has announced that the Mojave macOS 10.14 will be the last macOS that will run 32-bit applications. At this point you most likely have already received an alert prompt from Apple letting you know that your EQ software needs updated.

EQ8 Owners

Apple has released macOS 10.15 (Catalina). Because of the 64-bit requirement, EQ8 version or earlier will not work with Catalina. You must update your EQ8 to version

ATTENTION: A free update for EQ8 owners is now available! Update now to to use your EQ8 software on the new macOS. Get the update >

You will need to temporarily deactivate your EQ8 before installing this update. Please use this form to deactivate.

If you have updated to EQ8 version (Mac) and your version number says, that’s okay. Your EQ8 is up to date, but the version number is wrong. We have fixed this error and you should see the the correction in the next update.

EQ7 and EQ Mini Owners

We will not be converting EQ7 or EQ Mini to 64-bit so those programs will not be compatible with Catalina. If you would like to continue using either of these products, then we suggest that you maintain the macOS that currently works for you. (Apple has stated that support for Mojave will continue through 2020.) Owners of these EQ products are eligible to upgrade to EQ8 at a discounted price. We encourage you to upgrade to EQ8 as soon as possible.


Again, this only affects Mac owners. At this time, Windows has not announced any plans to require 64-bit applications. The Electric Quilt Company suggests that you check all your software applications (not just EQ software) to see which ones would be affected.

If you have any questions, please contact our office.