The EQ8 Photo Library contains over 200 photos. These photos can be set on your quilt the same way as blocks.

Click Photo Library from the LIBRARIES menu to display the Photo Library dialog. It’s easy to add photos to your Sketchbook from one of the categories. You can add one photo or several from as many different categories as you like before closing the Photo Library dialog.

The photos in the Photo Library are organized into 2 categories:

  • Colors: These photos are monochromatic (or close to it) and grouped by color.
  • Themes: These photos are organized into themes.

The EQ8 Photo Library has 5 sections:


  • EQ Photo Library section: This section will always be available for you to use each time you open the program. All the photos in the EQ Photo Library section come with the installation of EQ8. None of these photos can be deleted from the program, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally removing any of these.
  • My Favorite Photos section: This section allows you to create your own library with your favorite photos. After you’ve named and saved these libraries, they will be available each time you open EQ8.
  • Current Sketchbook section: This section displays the photos currently in your Project Sketchbook.
  • Search Results section: This section displays the photos found in your search. To use these photos, you need to click Add to Sketchbook, otherwise you will need to search for them again.
  • Import Results section: This section displays the photos you import into the library using the Import feature. Once you’ve imported them to the library, you need to click Add to Sketchbook to add them to your Project Sketchbook.