Error 100, 101, 5008 or 5010 indicates a typo

That’s why the license can’t be found on the server. The typo you’re making is either when you’re typing the license ID or the password. If it is an EQ7 Upgrade, the typo you’re making could be in the EQ6 license ID or password, or the EQ7 license ID or password.

Make sure you’re typing in the EQ7 password, listed on the sticker in the back of the EQ7 book… or in the email sent to you if you downloaded, or on the back of the USB case. Do not use your own personal password.

The other possibility is that you have both the EQ7 and EQStitch programs. If this is the case, you should use your EQStitch License ID and Password (and try installing that CD).

It may help to type your password into a text document and copy and paste it from there so you can see the characters being typed.

We can help. If you continue to have problems, email with your license ID and password for EQ7 (include them for EQ6 too if it is an EQ7 Upgrade). We can cross-check them against what the database is expecting.