Error 1620 – Install package can not be opened.

This error occurs when trying to install the EQ7 update(s) with a corrupt EQ7 installation.

Error 1620 indicates that something has corrupted the original installation of EQ7, so the update cannot install. It may not be so corrupt that EQ7 won’t run for you, but the Update installation cannot find all the files it needs in order to install. You’ll have to uninstall/reinstall in order to apply the updates.

  1. Uninstall EQ7 through the Control Panel > Programs and Features. Uninstalling EQ7 will not remove any project files you’ve saved to Documents > My EQ7 > PJ7.
  2. Then reinstall EQ7.
  3. RESTART again after installing.

When you have a clean installation of EQ7, then you can apply Build 2 and then Build 3. After you download, please make sure Build 2 is 62 MB and Build 3 is 43.3 MB. If the file sizes are smaller than that, then you did not get a good download. You may need to go back to the site and re-download.