Error code 2, 3, 4, 5 and 13 indicate that something is keeping your computer from connecting to the activation server, even though it’s on the Internet.

Error code 0 means that your computer is not connected to the internet and you need to check your connection.


Restart your computer

Restarting your computer will reinitialize the parts of your operating system that are responsible for connecting to the internet. If you haven’t restarted your computer in a while or have updates pending to be installed, restarting your computer may fix this issue.

Note: This is a RESTART, not a SHUT DOWN. Restarting completes installation tasks which is necessary for your program to run smoothly. Shutting down does not perform these same actions.


Turn off any and all firewalls

Try turning off any and all firewalls then try again. If that does not resolve the issue please try the steps below.

Add exception to a firewall

Open a web browser and see if you can reach:


If you can reach this page and see the word “OK”, that means it should be able to reach the server unless you have some sort of personal firewall software blocking the activation (many of them block programs by default).

If you cannot turn of your firewall temporarily, there should be place to enter exceptions. Please put your EQ software on the list.

  • (C:\Program Files\Electric Quilt Company\EQ7\EQ7.exe) for EQ7.
  • (%LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\Electric Quilt Company\Electric Quilt 8\EqApp2.exe) for EQ8.
  • (%LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\Electric Quilt Company\BlockBase Plus\BlockBasePlus.exe) for BlockBase+.


Temporarily Disable your Anti-Virus

Some Anti-Virus software can block or interfere with applications connecting to the internet. All of Electric Quilts products are virus scanned and digitally signed to ensure their safety and integrity, thus if you are having installation issues, you can try temporarily disabling your Anti-Virus software through its settings then try installing again.

For detailed help on how to temporarily disable your Anti-Virus software, please contact the manufacturer of your Anti-Virus software