Export Marquee Selection – exported lines seem faint

If you use Export Marquee Selection, and exported lines seem a bit faint when you paste them into your document, here are some tips and ways to darken them:

Display the block to-be-exported in EQ7 approximately the same size you will use it in your document

Resizing the exported block in your document can make lines fainter the smaller you make the block. So avoid needing to resize by resizing the block in EQ7, before exporting.

  1. With the to-be-exported block on the worktable, minimize EQ7 on screen, using the Minimize button at top-right.
  2. Point your mouse to the outer edge or corner of the re-sized screen, until you see a double-headed arrow cursor.
  3. Drag the corner or sides to resize the EQ7 window, until the displayed block is about the size you will use in your document.
  4. Use FILE > Export Marquee Selection on this smaller block. If you do not need to resize the block much in your new document, the block lines should stay as dark in your document as they appear in EQ7.

To further darken lines on the to-be-exported block use the Spray Thread tool

  1. Add the tool to the toolbar by right-clicking the right-hand toolbar > choose Add/Remove Buttons.
  2. Click Spray Thread, to check the tool, thereby adding it to your toolbar.
  3. Click the Spray Thread tool on the toolbar.
  4. Check the Color checkbox > choose black (or color of your choice) in the palette below.
  5. Check the Style checkbox > choose the solid line displayed below.
  6. Check the Weight checkbox > choose the line thickness you prefer.
  7. Click directly on a line in the block on the worktable, to change the line color, style and thickness.
  8. Use FILE > Export Marquee Selection on this block.