Why does my fabric scan have a white line through it when I color with it in EQ7?

If you have a white line through the fabric that is in your scan — it sounds like your swatch needs cropping to crop out the edge which shows the white scan bed along the edge of the fabric.

To crop out the white edge

  1. Click the View Sketchbook button > click the FABRICS section > click on your fabric swatch > click the Copy to Photos button at the bottom.
  2. Click the Photos section of the Sketchbook  > click to select the fabric swatch > click the Edit button > choose to Image worktable.Your fabric swatch will now be on the Image worktable.
  3. Use the Crop tool to crop your swatch to eliminate the white edge that is showing (probably along one edge of your swatch).
  4. When you have cropped, then click IMAGE > Add to Sketchbook as Fabric. Your newly cropped fabric will now be in the Fabric section of the Sketchbook ready to use.