The Sew Precise 1&2 blocks are included in the EQ8 Block Library. Sew Precise 3 cannot be properly linked to EQ8. If you’d like to link Sew Precise blocks to EQ7, follow instructions below.

Linking Sew Precise blocks to EQ7 (PC)

Sew Precise (no matter the version) should link automatically.

  1. Go to LIBRARIES > Block Library.
  2. Click Link Library.
  3. Click Auto Add. You will now find Sew Precise listed in your Block Library.

Linking Sew Precise blocks to EQ7 (Mac)

To link to Sew Precise blocks you need to have Sew Precise installed on Windows to gain access to the block files. The block files cannot be accessed directly from the CD.

Finding the Sew Precise block files

  1. On the PC search for LIB. That will tell you where the LIB folder, containing blocks, is for each Sew Precise program you have.
  2. Navigate there, by clicking START > (or on Win 8 or 10, hold down the Windows key on your keyboard as you type an E) > then click Computer.


Linking the Sew Precise block files

  1. Still on the PC open the LIB folder.
  2. Select the .BLK file from inside that LIB folder.
  3. Use CTRL+C to copy the .BLK file. Save to a USB, and take that to your Mac.
  4. On the Mac, with EQ7 closed, create a new folder here:
    My EQ7 > Add on Libraries.
  5. Name the Sew Precise 1 & 2 folder Sew Precise. Name the Sew Precise 3 Shirley Liby folder Sew Precise 3. Name the Sew Precise 4 Donna McDade folder Sew Precise 4.
  6. Use Command+C to copy the .BLK file from your USB drive.
  7. Use Command+V to paste the .BLK file from Sew Precise into the new folder you created. . You will now find Sew Precise blocks in your Block Library.