To work on a previously saved project (*.PJ8), do any of the following:

  • Click the Open an existing project button on the Home Screen
  • Click the Open an existing project tab in the Project Helper.
  • Choose FILE > Open from the menu bar
  • Use CTRL+O (Windows) or Command+O (Mac) on the keyboard
  • Find the file on your computer (by default in Documents > My EQ8 > Projects) and double-click to open the project

Once the project is open, you’ll see the project’s Sketchbook appear.

To work on a quilt in the Sketchbook

Click the Quilts section on the left to view the quilts in your project. Use the horizontal scrollbar to find the quilt you’d like to work on. Select the quilt, then choose Edit. The quilt will display on the Quilt Worktable ready for editing.


To work on a new quilt not in the Sketchbook

Instead of selecting a quilt in the Sketchbook, simply click Close. On the Home Screen, click Design a quilt from Scratch. This opens the Quilt Worktable to the New Quilt tab.