Why can I only print Quilt or Yardage?

If you have a quilt on the screen (with no block selected on the quilt) and choose to print, EQ7 sees only the quilt, and gives you the 2 quilt printing options: Quilt and Fabric Yardage.

To print a block pattern, select a block on the quilt

To print a block or pattern for a block on the quilt, you must first select the block on the quilt:

  1. Click the Select tool.
  2. Click a block, or border space, or sash strip, or sash corner, on the quilt. A frame will surround the selected item, indicating it is now selected.
  3. Now print and you will get the block printing options. You will always get the option to print Block or Templates. You may also get Rotary Cutting or Foundation Pattern depending on the type of block selected.