My pattern is too large for one sheet of paper. What can I do?

If your pattern is large it may require tiling the pattern over several pages. When a pattern is tiled, it will print a dashed line as a guide for taping the pages together. Here are some tips:

  • If you use Scotch Brand Magic Tape to join the pages, it won’t “gum up” your sewing machine needle as you sew over it, and will be easy to remove.
  • If you’re printing a multi-unit pattern, separating the units may cause one or more units to tile. These units may be small enough to fit on the page but separating the units causes them to tile. You can choose to not separate the units and cut them apart yourself.
  • Alternatively, you can use the margin settings to nudge the pattern in the direction you need so that the guide falls between the units forcing the entire unit to the next page.
  • Changing the page orientation from Portrait to Landscape may also help prevent tiling.