Having trouble downloading your software from ElectricQuilt.com? Try these solutions to resolve common browser, system, and connectivity problems that can interfere with successfully downloading your software.

Use a different browser

Often, the easiest way to resolve failed downloads is to try the download again using a different browser.

If you’re using Windows and Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, try Firefox:

If you’re using macOS and┬áSafari, try Google Chrome:

Test your network connection

Testing your connection using the Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT) embedded below will identify network connection issues caused by speed or instability.

If you see errors (text in red) on the details section of your test results from the NDT, it is likely the network connection on your computer is slow or unstable.

Check your connection

If your are using a wireless connection, a low strength signal can cause network disconnections that will interrupt your software download. If your are using a laptop, try moving to the same room as your wireless access point to eliminate signal interference.

If you are using a wired connection, try unplugging and re-plugging in your network cable where it connects to your computer and where it connects to your network switch. Trying a different network cable can also help eliminate instability caused by shorts or breaks in the cable.

Advanced Network Troubleshooting

If nothing else has worked, please try the advanced network troubleshooting steps provided by Microsoft for Windows network connection issues or by Apple for macOS network connection issues.

Windows Network Troubleshooting


macOS Check for Wi-Fi issues