If the videos do not play, or there is no sound, then the problem is most likely that the video compressor did not install properly. Reinstalling the video compressor should solve the problem, however if it doesn’t the videos can viewed online or on your computer directly from Windows Media Player.

Reinstalling the video compressor

  1. Download and install the TSCC Codec from the link below:
  2. Now try watching the videos again.

Watching the videos online:

All of the EQ7 help videos are available online directly on this website:

The videos are also available on YouTube:

Watching the videos from Windows Media Player:

  1. Click START > All Programs > Windows Media Player.
  2. Right-click on the top menu bar (lighter blue bar just beneath the title bar)> click File > Open > C > Program files (or Program Files X86) > Electric Quilt Company> EQ7 (or EQ6) > Hlp > Videos.
  3. Try double-clicking and playing any of the files ending in .avi (video clips).