How do I rotate fabric in a patch?

Use this easy method to get your stripes and plaids turned the right way in your block patches.

  1. Have a quilt designed and colored with fabric on the Quilt worktable.
  2. Click the Customize Toolbar button at the bottom of the Quilt toolbar (right side of worktable).
  3. Click Add/Remove Buttons.
  4. Put a check next to Rotate Fabric.
  5. Click anywhere on the worktable to close the tool list.
  6. Click the Rotate Fabric button.
  7. If it’s not already selected, click to select Simple. This will rotate your fabric 90 degrees clockwise.
  8. Click on the patch in your quilt that you want to rotate.
  9. Continue to click 3 more times to get it back to its original orientation.

Use Advanced or Align to edge for more control over the rotation.