Does EQ7 work in finished or unfinished sizes?

In other words: when choosing a block size in EQ7, do I need to add seam allowance? No. EQ7 will do that for you.

Quilt and block size

  • The size EQ7 gives at the bottom of the screen is the actual FINISHED size of the quilt.
  • When designing, it’s common NOT to include seam allowance size when describing the size of a quilt or a block. For example, when a magazine mentions quilt size, that is the FINISHED SIZE, no seam allowances included.
  • A magazine block pattern might say a block is 10″ square. That is the FINISHED SIZE, not including seam allowances. UNFINISHED size of that block would be 10 1/2″.

EQ works in finished sizes

When you tell EQ7 what size block you want, anywhere in the program, you type in the FINISHED size. EQ will add seam allowances when it presents the pattern.

Rotary cutting sizes are unfinished sizes

When a magazine or EQ gives the size to cut a strip for rotary cutting, that INCLUDES the seam allowance. In this instance, you’re not talking finished size but rather construction sizing before seaming. It’s always good to check, though, in a magazine or book pattern, whether the templates include the seam allowance. Often it is obvious that the template includes the seam allowance because it’s drawn that way, with a dotted line to indicate the addition of the seam allowance.