If you draw your own block and want to print a foundation pattern with the grayscale option checked, you need to color the block with the accurate shade of gray to get them to print properly.

Use the tooltips to identify the RGB values for the following gray colors.grey 1

128, 128, 128 dark gray
192, 192, 192 light gray
0, 0, 0 black
255, 255, 255 white

Color the block using these grays and save it.

Make sure the first coloring you make of the block is a grayscale coloring. This means the coloring must be saved in the Project Sketchbook as coloring 1.

Print the foundation pattern making sure you have checked the Grayscale option. Remember that EQ8 is looking at the first coloring of the block in the Project Sketchbook, not necessarily the one on the worktable.

If your pattern does not print in gray, make sure you have colored with the correct shades of gray and that it is grayscale coloring 1 when you view the block in the Project Sketchbook.

grey 2