The Precision Bar for Applique is the same whether drawing or editing a block or motif, including the Applique layer of EasyDraw or PolyDraw + Applique blocks.




Block width and height: Type a new size for your block into the boxes. To update the worktable to the new size, press the keyboard Enter key or press the TAB. The block on the worktable will redraw to the new size.



Number of snap points: Type in the number of snap points you want.



Hide/show graph paper: Click this button to turn ON the graph paper lines (it will have a blue background). Click this button again to turn off the graph paper lines. These are just for visual reference. No snapping can be done to the graph paper lines.

Number of graph paper cells: Type in the number of cells horizontally and vertically you would like to see with the graph paper.


AppliquePrecisionBarSnapOptionsButtons2 Press on a button for it to be ON (it will have a blue background). Press it again for it to be OFF. The default is Snap to nodes and Auto join segments are ON. Snap to grid and Snap whole patch to a grid could be helpful if you are working with a specific grid.

SnapToGridPointsOnWorktable Snap to grid points on worktable – snaps the ends of lines or arcs to grid points on the worktable.

Snap to nodes of drawing Snap to nodes of drawing – snaps the ends of your lines or arcs to existing intersections or ends of other lines or arcs where a black (square) node is present.

Snap whole patch to a grid pt on W Snap whole patch to a grid point on worktable – snaps the closest node (in a patch) to the closest snap grid point, so that the whole patch snaps to the grid.

Snap aligned segments Snap aligned segments – auto aligns the edges of patches, especially for polygons when you want triangles or hexagons to be exactly side by side.

Auto join segments when drawing Auto join segments when drawing – snaps nodes together as you’re drawing. If it is OFF you will not have closed patches. (This is particularly helpful when drawing and not using the automatic shapes.)


Auto Fill applique patches

Hide/show Auto fill on closed patches: Click this button to have it ON so closed patches automatically fill with a cream color.


Guide Options buttons Precision bar

Convert selected segments to guides: Click this button to convert the selected segment(s) to guides to use for drawing reference.

Clear the current guides: Click this button to remove the guides from the drawing board. This button will not be available unless you have guides on the worktable.


Hide Show Tracing Image

Hide/show image for tracing: Click this button to show an image for tracing. Click this button again to hide the image. (You must import an image for tracing before this will work.)