The Precision Bar below stays the same for all tools on the PolyDraw layer of the PolyDraw Block worktable.



Block width and height: Type a new size for your block into the boxes. To update the worktable to the new size, press the keyboard Enter key or press the TAB key. The block on the worktable will redraw to the new size.



Hide/show graph paper: Press the button down to turn on the graph paper lines. Press the button again to turn off the graph paper lines. These are just for visual reference. No snapping can be done to the graph paper lines.

Number of graph paper cells: Type in the number of cells horizontally and vertically you would like to see with the graph paper.



Hide/show Auto Fill on closed patches: Toggle this button to turn the creamy patch color on and off when a patch is closed.

Convert selected segments to guides: Click the button to convert the selected patch to a guide. Again, a guide is for visual reference only. No snapping can be made to a guide.

Clear the current guides: Click this button to remove the guides from the drawing board. (This is not enabled unless you have guides.)

Hide/show image for tracing: Press the button down to show an image for tracing. Press the button again to hide the image. (You must import an image for tracing before this will work.)