These instructions only apply if you are starting a “Classic” DJ layout from scratch and want the measurements in metric instead of inches. The closest to the original 4 1/2” block is 11.5cm (finished).

Using centimeters in a “Classic” DJ project

  1. Open the DJ program.
  2. Using the Project Wizard (which should start up on its own, if not click on Project Wizard button <2nd from left> or select File/ Project Wizard.
  3. Tick the second box “Start with a pre-designed Dear Jane”.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Click the top option “Classic Dear Jane Quilt”.
  6. Click Finish.
  7. On the top menu click File/ Preferences.
  8. On the Measurement Tab, tick Centimeters as the Measurement Unit.
  9. Click OK.
  10. On the top menu click View Sketchbook. (Or Click the View Sketchbook button (6th from left).
  11. On the top menu click Libraries/ Layout Library.
  12. Click Libraries.
  13. Click Layouts by Size.
  14. Click 12 Metric.
  15. Click on the quilt layout and Click Copy.
  16. Click Close.
  17. Select the Quilt Tab.
  18. There should be 2 quilts there. Quilt 1 of 2 will be labelled “Classic Dear Jane Quilt”. Click the Delete button.
  19. Click Yes in the confirmation box.
  20. You will now only have 1 quilt in the sketchbook, called “Metric Jane”.
  21. Click the Edit button.
  22. You will see a dialog box “Worktable Quilt is not saved. Save before edit?”. Click No.
  23. On the top menu click File/ Save (or the Save button – 4th from left).
  24. Type in the name of your quilt in the File Name box.
  25. Click the Save button.
  26. You will need to set your blocks and triangles into the quilt individually.
    • See the DJ User Manual for how to do this if you don’t know how. (Setting Blocks starts on p31).

Printing a metric project in DJ

Now, when you want to print either:

  • Select the block you want to use from the Quilt Worktable (“Design My Quilt” button) and tick the “Size from Quilt” box on the Print Option Tab
  • From the Block Worktable (“Print the Patterns” Button), type 11.5 x 11.5 in the Block Size box. Make sure that the Seam Allowance is set to .75. This will give you a 13 cm unfinished block.

Check the general instructions, starting on p222 in the DJ User Manual if you need more information on printing blocks.

Metric sizing for the Classic Dear Jane (Finished)

  • Blocks – Width 11.5 cm x Height 11.5 cm
  • Triangles – Width 20.5 cm x Height 12.77 cm
  • Kites – Width 20.5 cm x Height 20 cm
  • Sashing – 0.75 cm
  • First border – 1.25 cm
  • Side Scallops – Width 3.75 cm x Height 12.77 cm

Assuming a 0.75 cm seam allowance, add 1.5 cm to these for cutting sizes.