Setting stencils on your quilt design

On the QUILT worktable, Layer 3 is the layer to use for Quilting Stitches on your quilt. Any block (or quilting stencil from EQ7’s Block Library) will show up as a quilting design with dotted lines when you set it on Layer 3.

Some Layer 3 helps

  • In the User Manual, see Chapter 5 for all information about using Layer 3.
  • For practice, work through Lesson 6 under Quilts found here in EQ7: HELP > EQ Lessons > Quilt Lessons.
  • Also, in EQ7 see HELP > How do I? > How to: Quilts > “How do I set stencils quickly and accurately.”

Printing quilting stencils

  1. Select the block on the quilt on the Quilt worktable (be on Layer 3), or edit the block from the Sketchbook to the Block worktable.
  2. Click FILE > Print > Block. (If printing from the Quilt worktable, leave the size as “Use size from quilt.” If printing from the Block workable, type in the desired size.)
  3. Choose the style “Quilting stencil.”
  4. Click the Options tab. Make the selections you’d like.
  5. Click Preview and you’ll see your quilting stencil.
  6. Click Print.