On the BORDERS tab, the focused border appears in gray. Click directly on the border you want to adjust, or use the arrows to select a border. The total number of borders in your quilt appears at the top of the palette.


Quilt preview ON.


After you have selected a border, you can adjust the size and style of the border. You can also duplicate or delete it.

  • Clicking Add will add a new border of the selected border style.
  • Insert will place the new border just before the focused border.
  • When Clone the selected border is checked, the next border you add or insert will be exactly like the focused border.
  • Clicking Delete will delete the focused border.

The width of each side of a border can be adjusted individually, or you can use the checkboxes to adjust the Top and Bottom (T+B) borders at once, the Left and Right (L+R) borders at once, or All at once. Use the slider bars for adjusting the size.



The style of each border can be adjusted individually. Use the ribbon options at the top of the screen to select a new style. You may need to scroll to the right or left to see all of the options. You can also select a style using the drop-down menu in the palette. Click on the style name to select it.



Some styles, such as the Diamonds border style, give you the option to change the number of blocks in the border by either using the arrows or typing in a number.



For styles that allow you to change the number of blocks, the default is set to a maximum of 24. If you want to change that, click on the Worktable Options button on the Main Toolbar WorktableOptionsButton. In the Quilt Worktable Options dialog box, click on All Styles under Layout Options and type in the number of blocks.


If you have already designed your quilt on the DESIGN tab, you have the option to view a preview of the quilt to help with your border selections. If you haven’t set any blocks or fabrics on the quilt yet, the preview will be blank, as there is nothing to show.



Quilt preview ON.
Quilt preview ON.
Quilt preview OFF.
Quilt preview OFF.

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