On the Quilt Worktable, click the NEW QUILT tab and on the ribbon below choose Vertical Strip. You may need to scroll in the ribbon to find this option.



Vertical Strip layouts are made up of long vertical pieced or unpieced “strips.”

Vertical Strip layout
Vertical Strip layout

To adjust the layout, click the LAYOUT tab.



The focused strip appears in gray. Click directly on the strip you want to adjust, or use the arrow clickers to select a strip. After you have selected a strip, you can adjust the size and style of the strip. You can also duplicate or delete it.


  • Clicking Add will add a new strip to the right side of your quilt.
  • Insert will place the new strip to the left of the focused strip.
  • When Clone selected strip is checked, the next strip you add or insert will be exactly like the focused strip.
  • Clicking Delete will delete the focused strip.


The width of each strip can be adjusted individually, but all strips must be the same length. Use the slider bars for adjusting the size of the strips. The style of each strip can be adjusted individually.



Click the down arrow to view the list of styles. Click on the style name to select it. Some styles, like Diamonds and Points for example, allow you to use the up and down arrows to dial in the number of items you want.

Strip style options

Vertical Strip Layout Examples

Basic vertical strip layout
Plain strips
Half Drop Blocks vertical strip layout
Half Drop Blocks strips
Points A vertical strip layout
Points A strips
Pieced Blocks vertical strip layout (creating a bargello quilt)
Pieced Blocks strips (creating a bargello quilt)