The print preview allows you to view the printout before you actually print it on paper. While in print preview you can zoom in and out, and in some cases, move, delete, and rotate patches.


Zoom In

  1. Click the Zoom In button at the top of the Print Preview.
  2. Click and hold the left mouse button and drag a box around the area you want to zoom.
  3. Release the mouse to see the zoomed view.

zoom preview

Zoom Out

Zoom Out only works if you’ve zoomed in one or more times. Clicking the Zoom Out button returns you to the previous view.

For example, say you zoomed in on the preview, then zoomed in a little closer to get a better look. If you click Zoom Out, it will take you back to your first zoom level.

Fit to Screen

Fit to Screen returns you to the 100% view of your preview.