Complex foundation patterns, like curved fan blocks, have sections that can be pieced. However, they cannot be entirely paper-pieced, so EQ8 will not automatically number these types of blocks. You can number them yourself if you like.

First you will need to use the Sections tab of the Print Foundation Pattern dialog to define the sections. Then use the Numbering tab to place numbers on the pieceable section. The curved pieces of your block can remain without numbers.

rising sun

Resizing the Print Dialog

Oftentimes complex designs have really small sections that make it hard to number in the Numbering tab of the Print Foundation Pattern dialog. This dialog is resizable to make numbering easier for you. To resize the dialog, move your cursor over a corner or a side of the dialog box until the cursor turns into a double-sided arrow. Click and hold the left mouse button and drag to make the dialog box larger. Release the mouse when you’re finished.