EQ7 for Mac – how it differs from EQ7 (PC)

EQ7 for Mac is identical in features and functionality (in other words, it’s exactly the same program), with these few differences:


  • The only feature difference between using EQ7 on the Mac versus using EQ7 on a PC is that there is no FILE > Export Metafile.
    Unfortunately, this was a feature that was impossible for us to bring over to the Mac which is the reason why it is missing from EQ7 for the Mac. The libraries in Windows that build the Windows Metafile format are copyrighted by Microsoft and there was no equivalent library in OS X for us to implement to keep this feature.


  • The other differences are:
      EQ7 for Mac User Manual is a PDF file that comes with the program whether the program is downloaded, or a boxed version. The pages in the EQ7 for Mac manual are in color, and are 8 ½” x 11”. And therefore page numbers are different in the PC version and Mac version. (The current EQ7 (PC) manual is also a full-color 8 ½” x 11” PDF rather than a printed manual.)
      EQ7 for Mac deactivates this way:
      FILE > Electric Quilt (which is on the top menu bar, to the left of FILE) > Deactivate.
      Command key + click (Mac) = CTRL+click (PC)
      Option key+ click (Mac) = ALT+click (PC)

Just as in the PC version of EQ7, there is no direct way to print to a PDF. To see how to print to a PDF program click here.