Downloadable PDFs for EQ8

The EQ8 Quick Start Guide comes as a physical booklet with any retail box copy of EQ8. If you own the boxed version, you already have the Quick Start Guide.

The EQ8 Reference Manual is included with all EQ8 purchases as a downloadable PDF. We no longer sell the printed version of this book.

The EQ8 Tip of the Day can be found on the Home page when you open EQ8. You can scroll through the tips within EQ8 or you can view them all in the downloadable PDF.


Please download these PDFs to your computer and save them to a location where you can access them easily in the future. We recommend putting them in the My EQ8 > Documentation folder.

Keep in mind, if you access these documents from the software (from the Help menu or from the Home Screen in EQ8), it will bring you back to this page as if you’re visiting here for the first time. Once you’ve downloaded them once, it is best to open them directly from the saved location on your computer.


EQ8 Quick Start Guide (PDF)
48 pages, 20 MB


EQ8 Reference Manual (PDF)
256 pages, 65 MB