This issue has been resolved with the update. Please be sure your EQ8 is up to date.

A small number of users have reported issues printing, using print preview, changing printer fonts, or using the appliqué text tool on macOS Catalina. These issues are due to enhanced security features introduced in macOS Catalina. If you receive an error like the below image, then you should follow the steps below:

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 1.54.02 PM

This error is due to some non-english fonts installed on your macOS or possibly fonts you installed on your Mac yourself. First, open Font Book. You can do this by running a spotlight search for ‘Font Book’ and selecting the result. You should see a window like the below:

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 1.59.46 PM

Some fonts will be grayed out, indicating that they are uninstalled. You will need to go through the font list below and uninstall the fonts by right-clicking the indicated font and selecting ‘Remove <font name here> Family’. If ‘<multiple>’ is listed after a font name below, remove all fonts in the list that begin with that font name. If you still receive the error for other fonts not listed below, you will need to disable those fonts as well. Most likely the additional errors are from fonts you installed on your computer and they came from an unverified source.

  • Apple LiGothic
  • Apple LiSung
  • Baloo <multiple>
  • Baoli <multiple>
  • BiauKai
  • BM <multiple>
  • Cambay Devanagari
  • Gotu
  • GungSeo
  • Hannotate <multiple>
  • HanziPen <multiple>
  • HeadLineA
  • Hei
  • Hiragino Sans CNS
  • Jaini <multiple>
  • Kai
  • Kaiti <multiple>
  • Klee
  • Lahore Gurmukhi
  • Lantinghei <multiple>
  • Libian <multiple>
  • LiHei Pro
  • LingWai <multiple>
  • LiSong Pro
  • Maku
  • Modak
  • Mukta <multiple>
  • Myriad Arabic
  • Nanum <multiple>
  • Noto Serif Kannada
  • Osaka
  • PCMyungjo
  • PilGi
  • PSL Ornanong Pro
  • Shobhika
  • STFangsong
  • STHeiti
  • STKaiti
  • Tiro <multiple>
  • Toppan <multiple>
  • Tsukushi <multiple>
  • Wawati <multiple>
  • Weibei <multiple>
  • Xingkai <multiple>
  • Yuanti <multiple>
  • YuGothic
  • YuKyokasho
  • YuKyokasho Yoko
  • YuMincho
  • YuMincho +36p Kana
  • Yuppy <multiple>

After completing this you can restart EQ8. You should no longer get the error message. If you continue to get the error message please contact tech support.