The Fussy Cut tool allows you to move a fabric print around in a patch to better place the print image. This works best using fabrics with large objects, florals, and stripes. Click the DESIGN tab, Fabric Tools on the ribbon, and then the Fussy Cut tool in the palette.

The Fussy Cut tool is only available on Layers 1 and 2.

Using the Fussy Cut Tool:

  1. Click and hold the mouse on the fabric in your quilt or block.
  2. Drag your mouse to make the fabric move in the patch.
  3. When you’ve found the best location for the fabric, release the mouse.
  4. Click Add to Project Sketchbook to save the quilt and to save the block as a new coloring.

Note: To nudge the fabric in small increments, use your keyboard arrow keys to move the fabric in the patch.