NOTE: These steps are needed ONLY for free fabric downloads earlier than January 2016. Downloads from 2016 on automatically link for you. Just download the file and double-click it to install it. See: Fabric of the Month Installation

  1. Close EQ7 for Mac.
  2. Using Finder, create a folder inside the Documents > My EQ7 > Add-on Libraries folder. The folder name that you create will be the name that appears in the library. For example, create a folder called Monthly Libraries. You only need to create this folder one time. All future fabric libraries will be copied into this same folder.
  3. Select the downloaded file. (Do not try to open it — it cannot be opened.) Use Command+C to copy the downloaded file. Use Command+V to paste the copied file into the Monthly Libraries folder. In many cases the newly downloaded files be in the Downloads folder so you’ll be copying and pasting (or moving) from the Downloads folder to the Documents > My EQ7 > Add-on Libraries > Monthly Libraries folder.
  4. Start EQ7 and open the Fabric Libraries to see the new fabrics. These libraries will appear below the EQ7 Libraries in the list.

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