If you receive an error message when you open EQ8 stating there are “folders missing in your My EQ8 directory”, your My EQ8 folder (or folders inside of it) is not where EQ8 expects it to be. The default location for the My EQ8 folder is Documents\My EQ8 on PC and Home/My EQ8 on Mac.

Using OneDrive on your Computer

If you are on Windows and set up your computer’s OneDrive account, OneDrive will automatically relocate your Documents directory to¬†C:\Users\username\OneDrive\Documents¬†instead of C:\Users\username\Documents. This is why EQ8 can no longer find the My EQ8 folder and assumes it is missing (even though you still see it in the Documents directory). When you uninstall and reinstall, EQ8 will know to now look in the OneDrive location for the My EQ8 folder and the issue will be resolved.

Attempt to Locate and Move the My EQ8 folder Back

If you moved your My EQ8 folder to organize your Documents or in attempt to relocate your My EQ8 folder, please move your My EQ8 folder back to the default location to resolve this issue. If you do not know where you moved the My EQ8 folder to, try searching for “My EQ8” in Windows Search or Mac’s Spotlight.

How to search in Windows 10


How to use Mac’s Spotlight feature


Uninstall and Reinstall Electric Quilt 8

If moving the My EQ8 folder back doesn’t work or you have no idea where your My EQ8 folder is on your computer, uninstalling and reinstalling EQ8 will also resolve this issue.

After uninstalling and reinstalling EQ8, you probably won’t find your saved projects in the “Recently used” or “Existing Projects” lists in EQ8. You can use the Search suggestions above to locate your saved EQ8 projects by searching for “.PJ8”. Once located, you can move your project files to the My EQ8\Projects folder to add them back to the “Existing Projects” list in EQ8.