Saving items in My Library

My Library is your own personal library. If you draw blocks, or import fabrics, you may want to save them in My Library. Then they will be available to use in any project. You can just “get them out of the library” and design with them.

First, create a library space

  1. Click LIBRARIES > choose the library you want to save to. (For example, choose Fabric Library to create a library of your own scanned fabric. Choose Block Library if you want to save blocks you have drawn.)
  2. Click the My Library section.
  3. Click the Add Library button.
  4. Type a descriptive name for your library. (See “Tips for organizing your My Library” below.)
  5. Choose the number of styles (sub-categories) you want. (A style might hold a whole fabric line, in a library named for a manufacturer.) Choose any number from 1 – 59. Suggestion: Knowing you can always add, remove, or rename styles later, you may leave it at 10 styles for now.
  6. Click OK.

Tips for organizing your My Library

That’s up to you. For ideas, notice how the regular EQ Fabric Library is organized:

  • By Manufacturer: For example, you might name a library Moda, with separate styles containing the fabrics from particular Moda fabric lines.
  • By Color: For example, you might name a library By Color, with separate styles for red, red-orange, orange, and so on.
  • By Design: For example, you might name a library By Design, with separate styles for dots, checks, stripes, and so on.

Changing a library name, or adding more styles

  1. Right-click on the library name in the list.
  2. Click Modify Library.
  3. Type in a new name or new number of styles.
  4. Click OK.

Copying items you want to add to My Library

  1. Open the Library to which you want to add items. For example, open the Fabric Library if you plan to add fabrics to your My Library.
  2. Click to choose the section of the library which you want to copy from. For example, if you have imported fabric in your Sketchbook, you would click the Sketchbook section. If you have imported fabric, you would click the Import Results section.
  3. Click an item, to select it, then click the Copy button. (Or click Cut if you want to remove the item from the Sketchbook and at the same time Copy it. To multiple-select, use keyboard shortcuts:
  • Hold down the CTRL (or Command) key and click each item you want to select.
  • Hold down the SHIFT key as you click to select a range of items.
  • Select one item, then hold down the CTRL (or Command)+A to select them all.

Adding and saving items in My Library

  1. Click the My Library section.
  2. Click the Library name.
  3. Click the Style name you want to add these items to.
  4. Click the Paste button. Do not add more than 254 items to any style.
  5. Click the Save Library button.
  6. Click OK. Your added items will be saved in the style. You can change style names at any time. You can also delete a My Library file at any time.

Note: Items added to My Library will not show up in the EQ Library. You will need to click on the My Library section to see them. You can add items to My Libraries in any of the libraries — blocks, fabrics, quilt layouts, photos, embroideries or thread colors.