To Shape a Curve

To shape a curve, use the Edit tool.


The options available in the palette for the Edit tool are enabled according to whether you have a line, curve or node selected. You can edit only one segment at a time. If multiple segments are selected, all commands will be disabled. When a segment is selected for editing, you will know by the thickness of the segment.

Shaping a curve is done by moving nodes and adjusting handles. To move a node, just drag it to the desired location.


To adjust handles, drag the end of a handle to the desired location.


Using the Handles

Handles on a curve determine its shape. The best way to understand how they work is to experiment with them. The type of node determines how the handles move in relationship to the node. The shape of the curve is determined by the length of the handle and its position. The longer the handle, the longer the curve hugs the handle.

Even though you can only edit one curve at a time, multiple-selecting several curves helps to see the adjustment needed if you want to make all the handles the same length.

If you are shaping a curve that has been copied and pasted or moved, when you click on the curve it will snap to the closest unit if Snap to grid is turned on.