Updated 10/1/2019

ATTENTION: EQ7 is not compatible with the macOS 10.15 (Catalina). Please consider upgrading to EQ8. Get full details here.

Electric Quilt 7

Mojave (10.14) and High Sierra (10.13) have caused problems with current installations of EQ7. If you are getting this message when attempting to open your EQ7 on either of these macOS’s, please follow the instructions below.

Initialization Failure.
CrossOver is unable to initialize a critical component.
Failed to import cxutils module into Python.  See console for errors.
The program will now exit.

There is a new version of EQ7 for Mac available for download that is compatible with macOS Mojave and High Sierra. Please re-download EQ7 for Mac from your account on ElectricQuilt.com to obtain this update.

If you originally purchased Electric Quilt 7 on USB, please contact technical support for a replacement download link.

Re-download your product from ElectricQuilt.com

  1. Go to https://electricquilt.com/online-shop/account/
  2. Under Returning Customers, type your ElectricQuilt.com Email and Password.
  3. Click the Login button.
  4. Click the My Downloads link.
  5. Click the Download File link next to your purchase.
  6. Once the file is downloaded, double-click to open the downloaded DMG file.
  7. Double-click the Trash Can icon at the bottom of the DMG window to uninstall.
  8. Once it’s uninstalled, re-install by dragging the EQ7 icon from left to right and drop it onto the Applications folder (all within the DMG window).

EQ8 and EQ Mini

EQ8 and EQ Mini are compatible with macOS Mojave and High Sierra. Get more information about upgrading to EQ8.