Once you have set a block on Layer 1 of a Custom Set quilt or on Layer 2 or Layer 3 of any style quilt, you can copy and paste the block multiple times.

  1. Click on the Adjust tool and then click on the block in the quilt that you want to copy.
    Adjust Tool

  2. Choose Copy from the palette, or use the keystroke combination of Ctrl+C (Command+C). This will make a copy of the block. The copy exists on the worktable clipboard. The contents of the clipboard are not visible.
  3. Choose Paste from the palette, or use the keystroke combination of Ctrl+V (Command+V). This will place a copy of the block on the worktable. The block will appear offset a bit from the copied block. If several copies are pasted at once, eventually the blocks will paste on top of previously-pasted blocks and not continue to draw off the edge of the screen.

  4. Use the Adjust tool to move the block into place.



  • You can copy and paste more than one block at a time. To do so, hold down the Shift key to select multiple blocks. Then copy and paste in the same manner.
  • Be sure Show grid and Snap block position to grid is turned on when designing, like the example above. The blocks just “pop” into place for you.