Here’s how to link your previous EQ Stash Online downloads to EQ8:

  1. On your computer (not in the EQ8 software), navigate to your Documents > My EQ7 folder.
  2. Click on the EQ Stash Online folder to select it.
  3. Press CTRL+C (Command+C) on your keyboard to copy the folder.
  4. Navigate to your Add-on Libraries folder.
    PC: Documents > My EQ8 > Add-on Libraries
    Mac: Go > Home > My EQ8 > Add-on Libraries
  5. Press CTRL+V (Command+V) to paste the EQ Stash Online folder inside the Add-on Libraries folder.
  6. Open EQ8.
  7. On the top menu bar, click Libraries > Fabric Library.
  8. In the Fabric Library, use the vertical scrollbar to see the listings below the built-in libraries. Click the plus sign next to EQ Stash Online to see the editions of Stash you have downloaded. Click on a plus sign next to the edition (2017 Download 02, for example) to see the fabric collections. Click on the fabric collection name to see the fabric swatches.

If for some reason you do not see EQ Stash Online listed in the Fabric Library, you can follow the instructions to manually link libraries found here.