You installed and activated EQ8… now what? Use these steps as a guide for learning your EQ8 software. This learning path will give you best foundation of knowledge for your EQ8 journey!

#1 – FREE Printable Lesson AND Video!

Print this lesson and work through the illustrated steps to learn how to design a quilt from scratch. This lesson is a good warm-up before really getting into the software. Do you learn better by watching? Follow along with this supplemental video lesson.

#2 – FREE Quick Start Guide

Every purchase of EQ8 comes with a free Quick Start Guide. If you purchased a boxed version of EQ8, the Quick Start Guide was included as a booklet inside the EQ8 box. If you purchased the download directly from us, then you have access to the PDF version.

Open EQ8 and on the top menu, click Help > Quick Start Guide (PDF). Or simply click here to access it now. Be sure to save the file to your computer so you can easily access it later.

This Quick Start Guide has a free lesson (starting on page 15) and some tips about popular features within the program.

#3 – Top Customer-Recommended Lesson Book!

The most popular tool for getting started with EQ8 is the EQ8 Lessons for Beginners book. This 128-page, spiral bound, fully illustrated lesson book is a customer-favorite. This beginner-based instruction book gives you the confidence you need to start designing your own quilts.

There’s Help Everywhere!

We have so many more resources available to help you learn. Our support site is constantly updated with new support articles and videos. Plus, we post a new lesson on our blog the first of every month. If you’re looking for a class, we offer hands-on classes twice a year in Perrysburg, OH. Sign up for our email list to be notified when new content and opportunities are available.

Most importantly, our customer support team is top notch! If you have a question – ANY question – about EQ8, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. Get an immediate response by chatting with us on our website during business hours (or leave a message and we will answer you first thing the next business day). If you’d rather talk on the phone, we’re happy to help that way too. Or, if it’s after hours, we can always assist you via email. Emails are answered the next business day.