What is validation?

Periodically EQ7 will validate the license over the Internet at the program’s startup. In most cases, this happens silently. If your computer is not connected to the Internet, or communication is being blocked because of your computer’s firewall settings, you will receive a message, “License validation failed. Validation required in xx days.” After you see this message, EQ7 will start. You will have xx days to resolve the issue.

(Validation is required every 60 days. So if you see the “validation” message it just means that in your case you have the number of days you were given in the message to connect to the Internet and allow EQ7 to validate the license. You can do this whenever you would like, within the number of days you were given — ignore it and do it when it is convenient for you.)

Validating EQ7 on a computer

When you do want to let EQ7 validate, just connect the computer to the internet and open up EQ7. If you continue to get the message about the license not being able to be validated…

  1. Leave that message up.
  2. Hold down your keyboard SHIFT key.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Release SHIFT. Then try to activate again.

If the validation message continues to appear

If you still get a “License validation failed” message each time you open EQ7, it indicates your firewall settings are keeping EQ7 from connecting to the validation server. You have two options for solving this:

  1. You can turn off your firewall and start EQ7. This will validate the license for you and the next reboot of your computer will reset your firewall settings.
  2. Or if you don’t want to go through those steps each time you get the message, then you should make an exception in your firewall settings. To do this see: Add exceptions to your firewall for EQ7