It is always a good idea to preview your templates printout before printing. Many times you’ll be able to improve the layout of the templates before printing.

You can use the Copy, Paste, and Delete buttons in the Print Preview toolbar to make changes to the template printout before printing.

These tools will be disabled until a template is selected.

copy paste delete

Click directly on a template to select it. You’ll know the template is selected by its red color and the Move and Rotate Handle.

select template

Copy copy

Click the Copy button to copy to the clipboard the selected template. You will know that the template has been copied when the Paste button enables.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Windows: Ctrl + C
  • Mac: Cmd + C

Paste paste

Click the Paste button to paste the template from the clipboard to the templates printout. Continue to paste as many templates as desired. If the template has been rotated before using copy and paste, the rotation will be maintained for copy and paste.


Position the cursor over the crosshair of the Move and Rotate Handle and drag the template to the new position on the page.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Windows: Ctrl + V
  • Mac: Cmd + V

Delete delete

Click directly on a template to select it. Click the Delete button to delete the selected template. Continue to delete as many template as desired.

Keyboard shortcut:

  • Delete key

 1″ Scale Square

Note: The 1″ Scale Square can be copied and pasted on each page of the templates layout.

1 inch scale